Why Responsive Web Design Is So Much Demanded Today

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  • Posted on: March 20, 2017 at 7:06 am
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There is no matter whether you have a small of medium business, online presence is so much essential today to get business success where website plays a great important factor. Now, if you want to make your business reach the maximum level of customer base, you have to make the website search engine friendly.

There are a lot of factors that helps you to manage the website according to the essence of making user-friendly. Among them responsive feature makes a website highly optimized to mobile devices along with the desktop access.

Website needs to be responsive  

A majority of the users are accessing the website through mobile devices. The Smartphone, tablets are designed for accessing all sorts of websites and social media pages. The users feel comfortable to enter any of the websites they prefer through the mobile browser. However, you have to think of the screen resolution of the devices.

How it is created?

Before the launch of responsive feature, you will get many websites using mobile friendly website. Are you confused about mobile friendly and responsive website? Let’s clear the idea!

You will see some old websites opens their URLs by adding an “m” on the mobile browsers. These are mobile friendly websites and acts as responsive websites. Then why you need to use responsive websites? Yes, there are lots of reasons that you have to learn. Let’s discuss a few minutes later.

The responsive websites have been the fruit of CSS3 and its upper versions. The best web designers having up-to-date knowledge know the entire fact.

Why responsive pages are valuable  

Today, the technology says that most of the smartphones support full HD resolution on the small screen. Did you ever think what would it be when you are watching a whole page on the small screen? All the images and texts will appear too tiny! If you zoom in, you will get vertical and horizontal scrawl. It is very critical and annoying to read a page with scroll bar pulling so many times.

The responsive website design helps you to access a web page without horizontal scroll. Responsive website keeps only vertical scroll that makes the user easy to read the content easily. Even after zooming in, you will get the similar functionality to access the website on the mobile pages.

What is specialty to make it SEO friendly?

I left a discussion, why responsive websites are essential, and not the mobile-friendly websites. The responsive website is highly SEO friendly as its URL structure is same as the desktop Brower. If a website URL is “”, the mobile friendly website will take “” this affects the SEO strategy.

Therefore, there is no other way except responsive web design for your website if you want a user-friendly website optimized for mobile devices.

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