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“Intuitive design is how we give the user new superpowers” Jared Spool, Web Site Usability: A Designer’s Guide

Website design is a rare amalgamation of arts and functionalities. In other words, it is a kind of art that must be functional. Though web designing cost a substantial investment, it is one of the major ways of ensuring an outstanding profit scale for your business.

Affordable web design

Several studies have revealed that 86% of the visitors who come to your homepage are looking for information about your products or services while 64% visitors expect detailed contact information; 52% visitors take a keen interest into the “about us” section.

From these stats, you can easily understand how important each section is! A top-notch web design company India needs to work according to the advantages of the users. Efficiency and appeal of a website depend on the user interface to a great extent.

Therefore, while planning for cheap website design India, you should consider user-interface.

The best web design company India always focuses on some vital features, such as:


Navigation plays a pivotal role especially when it comes to the websites having a number of pages. Navigation incorporates a clearly defined bar or a menu to list all the pages of a particular website. When your website navigation is developed well, your visitors will be able to easily explore and understand what your website is offering. Simple yet intuitive navigation can compel the visitors to come back to you again and again.

Content and Visual Elements

Content and visual elements such as font type and other typographic details make a website appealing and functional. Together these elements should convey an accurate message to the target audience. In most of the cases, visitors are attracted by a brief and catchy message.

It must be noted that an ideal website design company India will never overdo these elements, as it won’t do any good to the website. Use of too much content will make the web pages messy and it can affect the conversion rate. Since people will find the web pages clutter and difficult to read, they may lose interest in the site.

To avoid such pitfalls, it is important to streamline the contents and incorporate them in the design in an organized way. Sometimes, the designers prefer to add negative or empty spaces to let the visitors’ eyes rest in the middle of their reading.

Brand Uniformity

A unique brand image can set you apart from your competitors. In most of the time, branding is done through an eye-catching logo. If your business has a compelling logo placed on all the print materials, then it’s important to integrate all the website designs so that you can maintain consistency. It is very important for you to let your target market to identify your brand in all sorts of platforms. Your website design should maintain the brand uniformity accurately.


Each of your web pages should have a unique and appealing layout. It can make your web pages look more appealing to the users. It engages the visitors to your web pages. A user-friendly interface is a key to a successful engagement plan.

Mobile Responsive an SEO-Friendly

Since the world is rapidly switching from the offline to online mode, the number of online platforms is significantly increasing. Today, the web world is not only confined to the desktop. Smartphone has reduced the dominance of the desktop. Therefore, it is important for you to make each of these web pages mobile responsive so that your users can browse your website from any device. At the same time, it is equally important for the businesses to make their web pages SEO-friendly. An SEO-friendly website is more likely to rule the top positions of the search engine results.

What should you Expect from a Top Notch Web Designing Company?

Expectations vary a lot from one person to another and therefore the best companies primarily opt for a discussion, which informs the designers about your business requirements. They will send you a questionnaire containing questions about the website designs. All you need is to answer, as this will give the designers a clear view of your needs and demands.

Why is Uniterrene your Best Bet?

Uniterrene Websoft Pvt Ltd is an affordable web design and development company India that ensures excellence with elegance. We at Uniterrene Websoft Private Limited are a leading Web design company in Kolkata offer comprehensive service from the top experts of the industry. We understand that our website is the store that brings costumers and business; therefore, we build it adhering to the latest updates and other standards. Our web designing service includes making it attractive responsive and user-friendly.

We have a team of designers who have years of knowledge and expertise offers elite service which again helps to bring more and more visitors to the website. We know that once you search in Google for a Web design company in Kolkata, you will get numerous options, but our customized website designing service make us count among the top 10 mobile application development companies in India. We are goal oriented and believe in designing each and every client’s website by understanding the business prospects and requirements.

We being a prominent name in this industry since and our consistent effort for our customer has made us the best web design company in Kolkata. When our designers work on a project, they focus completely on it in order to get ample time to bring out the best for you. We understand today’s competitive world and the need for a properly designed website; therefore, we guarantee that you will not get a chance to complaints on the services.

Our Mission and Vision

Without a goal, it is impossible to excel in this competitive world. Once we start working on a project, we set a weekly and monthly goal, which gives us the force and way to work. Our only mission is to design and develop a friendly website that compels visitors to come and visit your website. We work keeping our goal intact, which has helped us to meet the deadlines while sufficing clients’ requirements.

At Uniterrene, we have focused only on excellence by transforming your low traffic and not-so-attractive website into a good one. We feel that a website is a visual form of your business prospect. Keeping everything perfect like the style, color scheme, and other aspects, we design a website as per your wish and need.

Uniterrene, the first-rate custom web design company India, takes pride in on-time delivery. Our team is able to meet your customers’ requirements in the most effective way.


Our main aim is to improve the business growth of our clients by offering appealing, user-friendly, and affordable website design India.


We want to maintain our performance throughout the years. We are committed to providing our potential clients with quality web design services Kolkata.

Get Elite Service from Uniterrene- Reputed Website Design Company in Kolkata

We know that designing a great website requires precision, talent, and knowledge and we are proud to announce that we, a Web design company in Kolkata, can offer it all. Sheltering some of the excellent minds and creative head in our company, we have built a strong reputation in India, UK, USA, and Australia.

What we have stocked for you?

Uniterrene, being the best web design and development company in Kolkata, has come up with some spectacular web designing services for you, such as:

Responsive Design

UX/UI Design

E-commerce Design

WordPress Design

We are one of the top web design agencies in India, which is committed to offering web designing as well as web development and digital marketing services.

Uniterrene Websoft Private Limited is one of the top 10 mobile application development companies in India who can not only help in web designing but also develop mobile app. We emphasize more on developing a friendly website that attracts the targeted market thereby building your reputation.

Looking for a spectacular and user-friendly design? We are a call away from you! Call us now!

  • Mobile Responsive

    As Google’s latest algorithm mobile friendliness is becoming most important search engine ranking factor, we provide fully mobile responsive design to our prospective clients.

  • Ecommerce design

    At Uniterrene, we’ll create an e-commerce website design for you that will help you to build your online brand. Our dedicated design team is made up of experts who will use their talent to build an effective e-commerce design

  • WordPress design

    UniTerrene is happy to offer Wordpress website design services for your business. We create the ultimate web design solution for you, be it a simple static website or an advanced e-commerce solution.

  • UI/UX Design

    UI Design is nothing but user Interface design and it is a part of the product that faces a user when he looks at the site, and the UX Design is nothing but User Experience and it relates to the way the users feel when they look at the website ala broad scope.

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Benefits for cross device design services

Composition: how devices and functionality are organized, Appropriate consistency of interfaces across different devices, Continuity of content and data to ensure smooth transitions between platforms,

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