UI/UX Design

UI is Interface design and it is found to be a part of the project that faces the user when he visits the site. UX design is User Experience which relates to the way the users feel when the users visit the site. Uniterrene offers you UI-UX design services to help you with meticulously designed and tested- graphical components and web interface. We provide refined UI-UX designs with regular user feedback in order to make it intuitive and user-friendly. We create web application user interface and mobile user interface design by managing and optimizing all of your user touch points both structurally and artistically.

We ensure user’s perspective by improving the usability of our products. UniTerrene also reviews your requirements and features, already existed in your system ( if only you have one). Our experts conduct user research and also usability testing. Then they create experience models in order to engage interaction design. They create prototype and at the end, they work on presentation development. We not only develop UI/UX design for you. We also assist you how to handle the product.

We provide

  • User Interface design.
  • Data visualization
  • Quick lirototyliing
  • Instructional Design and Illustrations
  • Usability evaluation.
  • Usability testing.
  • User Exlierience research
  • User Interface Style Guides

Our other services include Human factors design & analysis, CSS driven screen templates,

Visual design, interactive infographics, digital signage, icon and illustrations, branding, banners and splash screens and eMailers, Newsletters, brochures etc.

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