The Top 5 Latest Keyword Research Tools of 2017

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Searching for keywords is the key feature for modern SEO or Search Engine Optimization process. If you want to optimize a website, you need to find the right set of keywords. The right keywords (certainly those searched for the most number of times) help a website to earn better SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). However, those, who are associated with the SEO is aware of the importance as well as the competition in the market regarding the keyword search. The right set of keywords can drive the targeted customers to the optimized contents. In order to get the right set of keywords for your website, you need to take help of the keyword research tools.

Here, we like to share some of the recommended keyword research tools for SEO. Before beginning, it is better to mention that the task is not an easy one and without following the right process, it may turn into a mess.

Keyword research tools in 2017

There are several tools available for the keyword research that figure out the best keywords for overall web strategy. Apart from the text contents used in the websites, other parts of the website also need the help of keywords. Two types of keyword researches are usually done – basic research and competitor based research.

Most of the experts believe that the competitor-based research is the most effective strategy because it helps to find the effective and profitable keywords. At the same time, you can get the idea of the keywords used by the leading companies in the same field that you are dealing with. Among these keyword research tools, some are paid tools while the others are free.

Several companies have invested billions of dollars in finding the right keywords for taking their business to the top and maintaining the position. Here are the results of some of their researches. These keyword tools, which have been explained below, can provide benefits for your websites and eventually to the business.


keyword research tools

This keyword research tool has built-in features, which help to find keywords through a good amount of search trends, along with organic competitions and the possible traffic estimates for the keywords. The way it works are explained below –

As soon as you log on to the computer, you can set the keywords for your created projects. Then, following the rules or direction, you can search the keywords using this tool. Once you are done with your research, you can save the search keywords. Here, it is important to mention that keyword research is not only about searching the words only but also about the key phrases. As an example, if your searched keyword is “keyword”, then you can also search using the phrase “Adwords keyword tool”, “Keyword”, “Keyword ranking” and more. From the searched results, you can go for the best or the top searched keywords.


Moz Keyword Explorer


This keyword research tool is straighter and easier to use. It will promptly bring out the data to help you to determine which keywords you need to use for your success. It will also show you the difficulties for some of the keywords. It will also show the most potent and profitable keyword or key-phrase that you can use.



This is the best keyword research tool so far this content has explained about. It will help you to create proper global approach. Even if you care more for local viewers, this will be effective enough. In terms of the keywords research, this tool can show the list of the ranking as well as the traffic cost (showing the value of the traffic). In addition, it shows the complete “organic keyword” data (along with reports). If you want to check out the competitors, you can do it here as well.

Keyword Research (Bing Webmaster)


The Keyword Research for the Bing Webmaster helps to find out organic search data (you can also find the paid data as well) by filtering the keywords as well as the key phrases. Among these search results, you can find out which keywords are having better traffic or better competition in the market. The rest of the keywords (along with key phrases) can be settled according to that search result.

Keyword Snatcher



Keyword Snatcher is the platform from where you can find thousands of keyword as well as key-phrase related ideas. According to the experts, this keyword researching tool can generate at least 2000 keywords for per seed word.

It is a browser based keyword tool, where you can set the country and find out local as well as global keyword suggestions on your searched item. Afterward, it will show you the high-ranked keywords and their competitions in the market. Here you can find negative keywords as well.

If you live and breathe with SEO, then these keyword research tools can be coined as the ammunitions for you to win the battle against the worldwide competitors. As many people will be engaged in your business, it will gradually reach to the top. That is the key motto to the SEO service and these tools will help you to achieve that.

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