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holi wishes

A leading offshore IT company based in Kolkata wishing you Happy Holi. With Holi, we, Indians welcome our favorite season spring. Spring is a season of lots of colors and happiness. We all love to say “do me a favor, let’s play Holi”.  Holi is all about different colors, songs, dance and full enjoyment. UniTerrians are all set to rock this Holi together. Every person is excited for the celebration. Our entire team should be credited to make best efforts for making the day special for all. No one can escape from work pressure in this modern world. UniTerrene always is always concerned for the employees and clients. This Holi celebration will provide fresh oxygen to the monotonous daily life. Like Holi, we UniTerrians celebrate all celebrations together like a family.

Holi, like all other celebration is a day of reconciliation. It’s a day to forget misunderstanding and spread love and friendship like beautiful colors in the air. It marks the beginning of a new journey, full of love, affinity and care. Since all co-workers need to spend the auspicious day with their family. We arrange Holi celebration on the previous evening of Holi. After working hours, all gather in the lobby and start coloring each other with lots of enthusiasm. When we get tired, a snacks party refreshes all of us with spicy snacks and cold drinks. All the members enjoy the celebration and no one wants to miss these happy moments.

Holi celebration makes our bonding stronger and inspire us to go ahead to pave the path of success for the company. We want to keep this feeling of togetherness alive forever. Celebrations are needed for these realizations and to find out little joys of this otherwise boring life. So guys let’s celebrate the festival together and loudly say “bura na mano holi hai!”

UniTerrene is a reputed outsourcing IT company in Kolkata which provides standard web solutions in affordable price.

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