How Content Influences the Entire SEO Programs

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SEO is all about traffic. Who doesn’t know that every SEO wants to gain more and more traffic? Nowadays most of the websites ignore focusing on the top-of –funnel content. It refers to general informational and educational materials. Naturally, the focus is shifted on bottom-of-funnel lead. Basically, it is a short-sighted strategy. It is a strategy that will never drive a high volume of qualified traffic. Most of the successful SEO strategies demand website content designed to reach the prospects across the entire buy cycle.


When bringing up the idea of having more informational content on a website to better support the SEO program. There are many professionals give some excuses such as:

  1. It is not possible to rank for the general topics and high volume keywords
  2. A particular traffic is pointed out saying it cannot be converted

It is really unfortunate to hear this type of excuses from the expert SEO professionals. What makes them say so? Most probably, it is the fear of not ranking.  You would be able to get rid of this fear by developing educational information. In this way, you will be able to rank for some particular derivatives of high-volume keywords.

Advantage of  Current Events and News in Viral Marketing:-


An experienced SEO will take the advantage of the current events as well. For instance, recently the news of DDoS attack became viral on many networks.  This was a golden opportunity for a network security company to provide general information based on the DDoS attacks. There is another concept that traffic for higher level content would not be converted. This concept is originated from a lead-gen perspective. A number of companies emphasize paid search results and finds that the broader topic keywords that don’t generate a lot of conversions.

Importance of SEO-friendly Website:-


One thing you must remember that your website is meant for your customers and not for the sales team of your business. SEO-friendly websites help both the prospect and the customers. Therefore, it is very important for you to provide unique, fresh and engaging for the prospects. It implies that contents are designed to raise awareness and help the visitors to be educated on that particular topic. Even general contents are required for supporting a robust SEO program. Your SEO program should reach all the prospects across all the relevant phases.

Top tips for you:

  • Don’t make your websites solely based on lead generation
  • Try to offer you customers engaging and informative contents on the latest happenings.
  • Post contents relevant to your business.


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