Google Penguin: Major Influence On Advanced Digital Marketing

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  • Posted on: April 28, 2016 at 5:34 am
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Google Penguin

The latest news regarding Google Penguin is going to influence the strategies of advanced digital marketing companies. People, who are waiting for the next version of Google penguin update, should get ready for a heart break. Google has officially stated Penguin may not come in an advanced version. Google Penguin is quite similar to Google Panda updates. Google has said that people won’t able to notice any new updates as it has been found to be more rolling. But Gary Illyes has tweeted that they have not noticed drastic updates from the past. They have noticed only small updates.  The thing Google is trying to assert is panda is seen to be rolling; therefore, Penguin is expected to be very fast, based on how quickly Google manages to index old and new links. Gary further adds that there is a chance of rapid changes in Penguin 4.0 over the next months. Google plans that once Penguin is in a good state, it will be free from all those changes.

People have given different opinions on this topic. Someone has appreciated Penguin as a helpful tool for SEO while some people regard it as good information. Most of the people are waiting for Penguin like alternatives. It is not confirmed whether Penguin is really rolling out or not. Some people also suggest that this is the right time to start analyzing backlinks of the websites.

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