What is going to be the Future of Digital Marketing in India: Sunny or Cloudy?

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future of Digital Marketing

Today, digital marketing as important to the businesses as oxygen is to the living creatures. Digital marketing in India is rapidly booming as an effective weapon to win the hearts of the target customers of a particular business or service. It has some striking features such as instant response, convenience, cost-effectiveness which draw the interest and attention of more people. Since few years, its impact in the world of advertising and marketing is arresting everyone’s sight. Experts and researchers are taking great interest in finding the future scope of digital marketing in India.

An Insight into the Statistic
Do you know the worth of digital market? It is almost worth $68 billion. Unbelievable! Isn’t it? Well, this is the real scenario. In the year 2014-15, marketing via mobile and tablet touched 200 percent to $6 billion. It has been predicted that the statistic is going to rise to $7.8 billion very soon. This rising trend is heading at demands of skilled professionals in digital marketing industry. It has been found that the net growth of this industry is almost 40%. Experts have opined that this rate is going to increase rapidly in the upcoming years while other industries still are struggling with a growth rate of 5-10 % only.

Let’s move to a detail discussion about the major shift in digital marketing scope. Most of the people have their existence on the web along with their full identity. This helps the business to communicate more data, better targeting. Rankings bring traffic which generates conversations and conversations offer revenue. Successful handling of each step will give the businessman profits. Latest digital marketing offers quick sales, branding for the sales and organic growth for the sale.

Market experts opine that Indian is still in the initial stage of digital marketing. There are some companies which are still hesitant about embracing digital marketing while many top businesses have already started rolling their digital marketing campaign. The young generation shows a sign of hope. Being tech savvy, they prefer online platforms the most. Therefore a really bright future of digital marketing is waiting to rock India in near future. The increasing number of Indian population having access to the Internet will work like a catalyst to the growth of the digital market in India. World Bank has revealed the fact that E-commerce industry in India was worth $13.5 billion in 2014 and it will touch the growth rate of China around 2017. This is of course a very positive sign for the digital marketing industry because E-commerce industry cannot exist without the help of digital marketing. Therefore, huge growth of digital marketing in India is certain.

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