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Best SEO Tools

Best SEO companies prefer some useful SEO tools for digital marketing. It is a real challenge to the small business owners to survive in the current competitive market. Therefore, each small business owner should employ some effective tools to get their SEO services off the ground. Most of these tools are meant for enterprise-level business. They require a budget which may not always justify the ROI. Some of these tools include answering the pubic, open site explorer, screaming frog, siteliner, portent’s title generator, Google keyword planner, Moz local,, Facebook audience insights, Pablo by buffer etc.

Answer the public

This tool is entirely free. It has become an integral part of the latest content strategy. It is generally used to determine the topics and questions regarding the primary keywords which are going to be used to improve the rank of a website. Then the answers to these questions should be discussed through relevant and useful content.

Open site explorer

This tool helps to understand a link profile. It also helps to understand the link profile of the competitor business. This understanding of opponent link profile is important to build a domain authority. One need to simply copy and paste the competitor’s URL into OSE and the work is done.

Screaming Frog

This is called the go-to-crawl tool. Paid version offers one up to 500 pages for free. Basically, this tool is used to identify the broken links, pages containing missing Metadata, duplicate content; auditing the redirects etc.


Siteliner helps to identify duplicate, common, unique content; average page size and load time; the number of words per page; internal and external links; text-to-HTML ratio etc.

Portent’s title generator

This tool offers high standard content ideas. It provides content title idea, effective and SEO friendly.

Google keyword planner

This tool greatly contributes to launch pay-per-click campaign. This tool shows how many people search a particular keyword, from this, location targeting should be managed.

Moz local check listing

This tool offers a free way to audit NAP (name, address and phone number) and it helps to fix the NAP. This tool is very useful for quick analysis.

Everyone knows that keyword research is a crucial aspect of SEO campaign of each small business. It provides keyword ideas from Google to Fiverr in order to help one select the most effective keywords in targeting relevant topics for content.

Facebook audience insights

Facebook audience insight is used for marketing and content research. A user should enter the service location, toggle the advanced option and then select “home” to learn what are the interests of the homeowners in that particular area.

Pablo by Buffer

This is a social media tool which permits the access of over 600,000 images. It even allows uploading a user’s own image. First of all, an image should be selected. Then the user will be allowed to overlay with text.

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