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New SEO Strategies

It is the latest trend of the best SEO companies to integrate digital marketing and communication channels for an amazing result.  It is known to all that standard content and outreach is an indispensable part of unique SEO services. These two things are well known to PR as well. There are some factors which help the two different teams to achieve a common business goal. These factors are education, optimization of links, media outreach, aligning messages, Sharing and amplifying content etc.


It is easy to work on one’s area of expertise. But the task becomes quote difficult when one has to work with other teams, specialized in other fields. PR professionals are not used to with the impact online earned media may have on SEO and keyword rankings. Therefore, while working with the PR teams, SEO team should educate the PRs about the matter. Short sessions should be arranged in few weeks to provide the PRs proper knowledge of SEO.

On the other hand, PR s should train the other team as well. Though media outreach is a part Search engine optimization and content marketing, usually they do not have expertise on this.

Optimization of links

SEO team should guide the PR team to optimize the links in all the media coverage which they deal like non-paid stories or company press releases. Links should be chosen which have the keywords, essential for top ranking. PRs should be trained to put the right URL to the proper link.  The two teams should consult together to assure that any links belonging to paid sponsorships are nofollowed. This needs to be done to avoid any kind of search engine penalty.

Media Outreach

Influencer outreach is a crucial element in any marketing strategy. It depends on the size of a company. No one wants multiple people of a same company reaching out to the influencer. It generates confusion in the bloggers, writers, media manager if they are receiving different requests from different people in the same company. To overcome this confusion, a guideline should be set for the different types of people of that company who are trying to reach out to an influencer. For instance, the PR team should own the relationship with mass media outlets when the digital marketing team owns the relationships with bloggers and writers.

When multiple teams are trying outreach, it is natural that one will get multiple stories and messages at the same time. Therefore, the SEO and PR teams should be aligned on the broader messaging and timing to ensure it that the brand is putting out a similar theme of content and not confounding the messages or promoting two different kinds of things at a same time.

Sharing and amplifying content

Generating content is not an easy task. This is a task which both SEO and PR team do but for two entirely different audiences. The content word should be made harder by sharing something that’s been created already that other groups or teams can pull from.  This combine effort of the two teams help to influence more KPIs which better report how their activities are influencing multiple segments of the business.

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