7 Best Practices to Boost the Organic Visibility of your Google Plus Page

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  • Posted on: November 2, 2016 at 12:35 pm
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In the sea of the social media platforms, Google Plus is obviously not the most used one. But, it is no less important from the perspective of digital marketing. It has the great impact on your entire digital marketing strategies. The credit should go to those business web pages that are found in the search results. Showing up for the right searches has a greater impact on countless new customers.  If you are looking for a spark for your Google Plus page, you must follow these seven tips.

  • Update regularly in every 72 hours:

Several times, it has been found that accounts, more frequent in posting rank well on the searches in comparison to the accounts having fewer updates. When you are updating a page, you are offering your visitors fresh content and Google always appreciates fresh and frequent posts. Therefore, you should always keep updating your business Google Plus page. You must update the page in every 72 hours on regular basis to get the best results.

  • Take a local phone number:

It is very important to reach to the local customer. In order to make the connection with the potential local customers, your Google Plus page must display a local phone number where the customer can contact you. It has a number of advantages including the increase of walk-in traffic, more proposals, and of course better rankings on the social search engines. You should understand the psychology of the customers. They always feel more personal when they are calling a local number. Even you can amplify the benefits by adding a local address along with the local phone number.

  • Don’t forget to add opening hours:

You simply can’t miss this point. Yes, you must mention the opening hours of your business on the Google Plus page. One thing should be remembered that the wrong opening hours cannot help your rank when you are really open but your Google Plus page is showing that your business is closed. It would be better if you add payment options and images also.

  • Get reviews option:

It is a proven truth that Google Rank businesses having reviews as they add more value to the search of a user. If you have not enabled your reviews, then you would find it difficult to find your Google Plus Profile on the right-hand column of a Google search. These reviews impact the rankings in comparison to Yelp or other local site reviewers.

  • Keyword-based tagline:

Keyword, keyword, and keyword! Yes, it is the most vital thing in search engine optimization and digital marketing. Therefore, you should not expect high ranks if your taglines for the Google Plus page are not based on the relevant keywords. Whenever a person will search the keywords or key phrases you are using, your Google Plus page will get organic visibility. If you can localize keywords for more than one business, then you will get a better result.

  • Showcase a collection of products & services:

Google Plus collections are meant for arranging your posts by topic. These collections will be seen below the Google Plus header of the interface. If you showcase your collection of products or services, then your customers will be able to search more about what they are looking for.

  • Employ only unique Hashtags for Google Plus:

One of the most popular tricks of improving Google Plus rank is a use of hashtags. One thing you should remember in this context that the hashtag you have used for Twitter may not be effective enough for Google Plus. Hence, you need to employ unique hashtag for Google Plus.

What are you waiting for? Learning period is over! Go through this blog and implement the seven tips to boost the organic visibility of your Google Plus Page.

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