4 Reasons that Insist You to Have the Responsive Mobile Design

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  • Posted on: August 24, 2017 at 10:33 am
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With the waft of technology the very term “mobile phone” has become “Smartphone”. According to the recent statista, more than 36% of the whole population of the world is using Smartphone, and the surprising fact is, the figures go high very rapidly as in the year of 2011 there was only 10% who were the Smartphone user. The recent studies say that the figures go higher and higher in recent years.

Therefore, the time has come when people start using the Smartphone for every possible requirement. This is a good sign indeed. On the other hand, this is a secret way to say to the business persons to make the responsive mobile design of their business websites, so that the users reach them even when they are procrastinating on their sofas.

If you are a business person and still thinking to make your website mobile responsive or not, know the reasons to have it now.

  1. Use of mobile is on the high

As you already read, in the beginning, the high craze of the Smartphone is high. If fact, the hilarious part is there are more mobiles (including the tablets) on the earth than there are people. And the usage of mobile grows every month. Therefore, if the users find your website is poor and they get the lower option in your brand, chances are they will shift the brand and go for another who make them feel suing the website with an ease.

  1. Mobile has become shoppers pet

Online shopping is easier and less tiresome than store hopping. These days, the shoppers choose to buy products with some touches of the finger’s tip. More than 70% of the Smartphone user becomes the regular visitor of the eCommerce websites, therefore, if you are one of eCommerce website owner, get an eCommerce web development solutions soon to grab the market.

  1. Responsive sites improve SEO ranking

The responsive development is like the Google’s recommended approach for mobile web design. According to data, the responsive websites perform better in the Search Engine Result Pages than the mobile friendly website.

  1. Apps eat the phone storage

Mobile applications are the miracle of the technology. However, the darker part of the miraculous situation is apps consume a lot of device storage in users’ phones. Therefore, some users who are suffering from this low storage problem prefer to go on air through the browsers. Therefore, you have to provide them with the same level experience that they get while working on a computer. To fit in the internet market you have to hire one of the best digital marketing services in India for sure.

Finally, mobile, or rather the Smartphones go viral these days and it eats the whole digital market. To fit the market, you have to be responsive to the users who want the responsive mobile design of every website that they browse through mobile. Hire one of the best designing as well as IT companies to grow high and be there on the business pinnacle.

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